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Frequently Asked Questions

A magician never reveals his secrets; but he can teach you how to do your own tricks. Magic Don is an interactive magician in Anchorage, Alaska. In addition to performing, he holds camps and classes for budding magicians.

What type of magic do you do? We do all sorts - close up magic, platform/stage routines, and large illusions. Lots of sleight of hand, amazing visual illusions, and tons of hilarity – oh... and some pretty good music to boot.

Do you do Birthday Parties and for what ages? Yes, for school age to adult. The Birthday Honoree is featured in the opening routine and finale illusion. The guests help out throughout.

Interactive Magician At Work In Anchorage, AK

How many guests can I invite to a Birthday Party and how much space do I need? Any number of guests are welcome. Most parties host 8 to 25 guests. Our self-contained show fits in a 4’x8’ performance area, and kids a best seated on the ground/floor.

How long is your presentation? The basic show is about an hour long. It can be shortened 20 minutes, but that is rare. Our Magic Wagon and Close Up presentations feature non-stop routines that can entertain for hours at events such as fairs, corporate events, banquets, etc.

Do you travel outside the Anchorage area? For simple shows and events, our range is from the MatSu Valley to Girdwood. For larger events or Tour dates, we travel throughout the State of Alaska and, by request, to the Lower 48. Please, ask for details.

What is the Magic Wagon? Our Magic Wagon is filled with tons of mysterious props for hours of close up/strolling magical entertainment. This is popular for lots of summer events with extended hours.

What do you offer schools? Edu-tainment (a combination of entertainment and education)! We can do classroom presentations, assembly programs, and even all school and family events. Many schools book a Tour Program which combines all three. Please, ask for more information.

Do you teach magic? We offer several camps during the summer and private lessons by request throughout the year. We have found that the best and most appreciative students are ages 9 and up.

Where can you perform your show? In your home or yard, parks, restaurants, theaters, auditoriums – virtually anywhere.

Are there any “extras” that you provide to make the event successful? Yes. For outdoor events, we can provide a portable sound system and tarps. We have the capability to cover our stage AND the audience with tarps and bench seating. For the bigger events (such as fairs and company picnics), we can even provide power via our portable generator. For Holidays, we can provide a larger sound system and music for the event.

How long have you been doing magic? We’ve been performing since 1988 – full time since 1998. We constantly update the show to keep things fresh and on the cutting edge.

Do I pay in advance? Not necessarily. We can accept cash or check on the day of the event.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes. VISA and MasterCard and debit cards – adding a modest processing fee.

Magic Camps and Classes

Want to learn magic as a performing art? We are now offering Magic Sessions at the Parlor of Mystery by invitation and application. Sessions are for Beginning Magic and Themed Magic - close up, comedy, stage, street, etc. Each session will run approximately 1-2 hours depending on theme and attendance. These programs are for ages nine to adult. Children (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent. Cost/fees will be determined as the Sessions are announced. To get an invitation or application, please, email or call (907) 522-1364 for information. The Magic Shop will also be open after each program.

Suzuki Institute will host magic classes for their 2017 summer program. The dates are June 5-8, 2018. Magic class times - 11am. Check out complete curriculum and registration by going to

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Magic Camp Invitationals
June 11-15 and July 16-20, 2018
These special camps will be offered to those who are highly interested in learning Magic as a Performing Art. They are open to students ages 9 and up. This camp offers enrollment of a minimum of six to a maximum of 12 students. The students will learn many fascinating tricks of the trade; put together a professional grade magic kit; learn, build and perform fantastic illusions; and have an opportunity for public performances. Recruitment for this camp is being done two ways — invitation or application. For students who need before or after care to attend the camp, arrangements can be made for a nominal fee. The camps run Monday - Friday, 10am - 3pm — and will be held at the "Parlor of Mystery" (located in South Anchorage) The fee is $250. To find out more details &/or enroll, please contact us at (907) 522-1364 or email

Tuesday-Thursday, August 14-16, 2018
This short, intensive seminar will feature advanced sleight of hand, illusions, and routines. It will also include magical theory, theatrical technique, staging, scripting and much more. Students must have attended at least two previous camps and must show dedication to advance in this amazing performing art!
*Hours will be the same as the Magic Camp Invitationals. The fee is $250.

We also do classes for youth groups, scouts, schools, theaters, and other organizations.

Magic Shop Interior

Parlor of Mystery- Shop/Venue

The Parlor of Mystery is open by appointment for true magic enthusiasts looking for magic tricks and effects. Our store features an array of magic props for anyone from beginner to pro, and you are sure to find a variety of new products. We carry magic supplies made by Magic Don, as well as commercial products. Are you wanting to have a magic show but can't find a venue? Book the Parlor Of Mystery for small events and gatherings of up to 15 guests! Close-up and platform shows are both available.